The American Wake Thanks and recommends the following:

The Anair Academy of Irish dance, dancers, parents and supporters past and present
Ted at 88.5 KSBR, Mission Viejo folk roots 6-8pm Sundays
Paddy Rock – Great Internet radio, Chicago area
Shite n’ Onions – great Celtic rock and punk website
Brittown - Great movie, great soundtrack
Hell on Wheels - motorcycle club, parts, repair, products, apparel etc. etc.
Guinness – anyone who has anything to do with making it, shipping it or serving it.
The Young Dubliners – first Irish music influence, also sent us our first drummer
Flogging MollyStarted before them and like to think we influenced them. Probably the other way around.
The Pogues – who hasn’t been influenced by them?
The Waterboys - ditto
Great Big Sea – gigged a couple times widdem’
Silent Planet - Great trad band, fiddle player’s alright
Carry the Zero - friends, awesome So Cal cover band
Smiling Face Down - Cool So Cal band from Brittown movie
Humble Hooligans
Prodigals – gigged with at the coach house
Sligo Rags - great So Cal Irish music band
Seven Nations – gigged with at the coach house
Robert Kinsler at The Orange County Register
Bill Robertson at The Irish News
Gallaghers, Huntington Beach – Our Home Pub
Auld Dubliner, Long Beach – Home away from home
Silky Sullivan's, Fountain Valley
Coach House, San Juan Capistrano
Ireland’s 32, Van Nuys – used to be home, great pub, excellent pint
The Harp, Costa Mesa
the Shamrock, Newport Beach – first gig ever
JC Whoolihan’s, Summerlin, NV
Jack’s Irish Pub, Palace Station, Las Vegas
The Sons of Erin, Las Vegas
The Cock and Bull, Santa Monica
Two Drops of Scotch, Santa Monica (same place)
Molly Malones, Los Angeles
O’Brien’s, Santa Monica
Muldoon’s, Newport Beach
The Brothers of St. Patrick, Midway City
Mulligan’s Bar, Poolbeg St. Dublin, Ireland
The Old Town Preservation Association Orange
The Orange International Street Fair – funnest gig of the year
The Sons of Norway, Solbakken Lodge
LA International Irish Fair and Music Festival
Matt Walin at Bitemark Records – recorded Drink
Nackers – Long time friends and great LA area band
Steelin Tin - Long time friends and great San Diego area band
Fenians – if you’re reading these links in OC, do we need to tell you who they are?
Jennifer Corday – cellist on “Drink” CD

Musical Instruments and Supplies
None of us are sponsored and we still play old crap with crap strings. Except, Frank’s mandolin is a pretty bad ass FlatIron and Robert’s fiddle is an amazing sounding violin. But they’re still not sponsored so…no links here.

Eric’s Ovation is an inheritance from his uncle who was a country singer. His flamed guitar was customized by Todd Warren of the Gobshytes but it’s an old cheap pile o’ Takemine.

Chris doesn’t care what bass he plays as long as the sound is phat, pure and there’s a lollipop stuck to the end of the neck.

When they work we play through wireless units by Shitheiser.

Tod recently upgraded from 5 gallon paint buckets and wooden spoons to a set of Tama Starclassic, and he makes his own snares.

We do shop at, and recommend, Jim’s Music in Irvine.